Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011 Palette Challenge

The print in the top left corner is the inspiration for the rest of my palette choices. I toyed around with lots of colors I found in Pantone’s Fall 2011 lineup, but couldn’t quite make it work. That’s because it’s really pinks and reds that make me happy – exactly the colors in this Valori Wells voile I bought in the summer. So I based my palette on the lovely pinks and reds in this print. I also plan to branch a little out of my comfort zone into the orange and mustard yellow – also represented in my inspiration fabric – that seem to be calling me at the moment. They may end up only as accent colors, but we’ll see. For neutrals, at first I tried to incorporate coffee browns or taupe, but when Sarai posted her palette, I realized that I really just wanted black. In another life, I was a classical musician and black was de rigueur, which may be why I always return to it. Also, black will give me the chance to sew something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I really love the Collete Jasmine justas they show it, so I’d like to copy that and try sewing with silk. 

The real challenge for me is that my (needle) eye is often too big for my schedule.  I’ve tried to limit my projects to something realistic. It simply doesn’t feel good to me to have things go unfinished. 

The actual items in my challenge:
  1. Lisette market blouse, Simplicity 2211, in Wrenly voile.
  2. Colette Beignet skirt in red cotton sateen
  3. Colette Peony in pink cotton for baby girl’s birthday party
  4. Colette Jasmine in ivory silk
  5. Simplicity 2058 in black, possibly wool crepe.

If all that goes well, my extra credit project will be a mustard colored pencil skirt. Or, maybe I'll  treat myself to the fabulous one from J.crew.  The order of these is subject to dieting progress. I don’t put too much effort into the skirts until I can fit into my old clothes again. I finished the market blouse last night, but it’s a dreary rainy day here, so I can’t really get any good photos just yet. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who joined my site this week! I’m really glad to have you. I’ve picked two names out of a hat for my sample ice cream dresses:  congrats to gail and mmather! I will put these in the post right away.  

Is anyone else doing the Fall Palette Challenge? What are you making?

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  1. so excited you picked my name! i've seriously never won anything. EVER! excited to see your peony dress, love that pattern!