Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween part 1 - the school All Saints pageant

Few details today, since I am still knee deep in Halloween costume sewing. Tomorrow, my oldest son will be St. Nicholas for his school's All Saints Pageant. Leave it to my kid to choose the most elaborate costume!

St. Nicholas is the patron of children, and oldest son really does love babies and little children. Look, he even has the Santa twinkle in his eyes!

The cape is Simpicity 3595, with about 8 inches in length added for my seriously tall son. This cape used significatnly less yardage than others, so it was a good choice. The tunic underneath Simplicity 4794 with the angel sleeves. I think both of these pieces can be used for other kinds of costumes in the future.

The beard is made from wool roving and I loosely followed the idea here. The hat I really just threw together with last minute supplies. Our car was having troube and there is an impending hurricaine, so shopping opportunities were limited. In fact, it was starting to rain as I took these pictures.

Hubby put the staff together with hardware store supplies and gold spray paint. The guy at the hardware store asked if he was a Mummer, but I guess you'll only find that funny if you're from Philly and know what Mummers are. I think it would be absolutely hilarious if he went trick or treating in this get up, but no, he has to have a separate costume for Halloween itself!

Off to finish the Halloween sewing.

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