Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stash busting for spring

My youngest is a classic baby of the family. She is the entertainer, never getting into trouble herself. She makes these silly faces, teases like a professional coquette and even tells her own jokes.
Unfortunately for the blog, that means that when I want a picture of her beautiful face, she hides it in a tree. And giggles.
And then runs off in the other direction, giggling the whole time. At least here you can see the charming button up back on the 2+2 blouse.
She was, however, happy to show off her skirt pockets, which she loves. Kitty was unhappy with the blouse alone but didn't want shorts. It had to be a skirt. I wasn't really in the mood for all the pleats in the matching 2+2 skirt. I wanted something fast and easy, but it had to have pockets.

Basically, I took the concept of the lazy days skirt and added scoop pockets under the waist band. Of course I had to add side seams to accomplish this, but it was still very simple.
I had just one yard of this Lisette lawn and I'm glad I found a good way to use it before she gets too big for clothes that fit into one yard. Off to some other one yard projects!

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