Monday, February 3, 2014

Little White Dresses - introducing my new website!

I am excited to announce the official launch of Melanie Watson Custom Children's Dressmaking. After a few years taking only select commissions, I am thrilled to be expanding my offerings! I have a brand new website with new photos, details and new sample dresses to give a taste of what I can create for you.

My 2014 First Holy Communion collection is inspired by traditional styles and materials. I wanted to develop an elegant look that suits the solemnity of the occasion yet celebrates the girl herself. Normally, everything I do is one of a kind. I start with a girl – her personality, her likes, her favorite things – and let her inspire my design choices. This time, I had to imagine. I imagined little girls whose dreams are just starting to take shape. They are sweet and fiery, smart and creative, strong and kind. They dance ballet and play soccer and paint. They have reached the age of reason, but still play at dolls and dress up. And I imagined their mothers and fathers watching their little daughters on this important day, wondering how they got so big and wishing they could stay little just a little longer. My goal is to make them both happy with simple, pretty designs that do not overpower the girl or the commitment she makes.

For First Holy Communion dresses, I am inspired by the delicacy of vintage styles, timeless shapes and demure details. Above all, I’m inspired by the sanctity of occasion itself and I strive to create something appropriate. The result is a group of dresses that honor our traditions yet fit the lives we live today. 

I’ve also created a party look so you can see that my dresses are suitable for many occasions. A colorful silk sash in a girl’s favorite color of the moment transforms a demure Communion dress into a fun party frock. She could wear it for Easter or a birthday party or a spring wedding. When a dress is this special, she should wear it more than once.

In the coming weeks, I will present each dress in more detail. If you’re wondering how they look in real life, you’re in luck! I’m hosting a launch party and trunk show next Sunday, February 9th. Contact me at for an invitation or to make a private appointment.


  1. How exciting! Very pretty dresses!

  2. Stunning! You make the most beautiful dresses!
    Congratulations on your new venture :)

  3. All your dresses are so elegant! Congrats on the beautiful web site!

  4. The dresses all look good! I see a bright future in this new venture of yours, Melanie. One good way to promote your services is through social media sites where more people have access, which will increase the chances of your business being known. Good luck!

    Lynda Frank