Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter preview

Though there are a few other projects going on in the studio, I managed to steal some time for my own daughter. It's a little old fashioned of me, but I just love it when children have a nice coat. I feel so pulled together and on top of things when I have the kids' clothes ready for special occasions! We looked at quite a few ideas before she saw a coat with ruffled elbow sleeves and declared it "perfect." I spent a little time drafting sleeves like she instructed and we ended up with this. 

The fabric is a linen cotton blend with beautiful drape. The natural rumples in linen keep it from looking too fussy. Inside, it's lined with Bemberg rayon, a silky and breathable fabric that makes an excellent lining.
I included a bit of flat piping between the facing and the lining. This is Liberty of London lawn from her very first Easter dress! There are so many ways to incorporate heirloom touches.

 From the side, you can see the gathered back and sleeve detail. Everything I make is designed to grow with a child. Here, it's built into the style of the coat. The length of a sleeve like this doesn't need to be precise, so when she grows, it will still look right.

Depending on details, the amount of labor in a coat isn't much different than a lined dress. Details need to be absolutely correct in a topper, and the materials might be on the expensive side. Still, you get quite a lot of wear from a coat. She had one in red wool for the winter and I lost count of the compliments I got each time she wore it.


  1. I can't get enough of your flawless creations!
    This coat is truly an heirloom piece (love the tip on the sleeve)!

  2. It is gorgeous!!!! I love the flat piping and the sleeves. I don't really take my kids anywhere they need a nice coat but you are making me want to.