Friday, September 2, 2011

popover for one last summer playdate

This is the last summer dress for Kitty and the last of my yellow and pink projects. She was so excited by the yellow fabric while I was stitching my Sorbetto top, that I simply had to make something for her and I knew the Popover Sundress would be perfect. When I finished and showed her the dress, she positively squealed and snatched it.

I made one change this time around. Cute as those little bows on the shoulder are, they are a pain to do up on a squirmy, wriggly, and generally impatient 10 month old. So I used the continuous loop method to make the straps, as if I were finishing a regular armscye. Now it really is a dress to just popover. I think it streamlined the look a little bit too.

The best pictures I could get of this dress were of the back of it as she crawled away. It's a good thing I made the shorter length again. I'll be sticking to this length through the fall and winter. Anything longer, and she just gets all tangled up.This is the time of life to be on the move.

 I managed to finish one special project today and hope to photograph it over the holiday weekend. I also hope to carve out time to finally start on one of the lovely patterns from France. I will also be planning my Fall Palette Challenge. What will you be doing with the last weekend of your summer? 


  1. Your daughter is adorable! I love how you dress her. :)

  2. Thank you, Coco. I had a peak at your etsy shop - what charming drawings! Maybe you should do a vintage sewing machine too. :)