Friday, February 17, 2012

flying ahead

The unusally warm winter we're having in the Northeast makes it impossible not to think about spring and summer sewing. When I saw the new Little Lisette prints I couldn't resist an extra trip to Joann to pick some up for myself. I was especially taken by the tiny pink and yellow dragonflies. I brought them home and pretty much dove right in.

I've been meaning to try the 2+2 blouse for a while. I liked the design so much that I bought up both sizes when they announced it was going out of print. It is a very cute pattern. I love the short sleeve option, but since we still have a ways to go before it's officially spring, I opted for the long sleeves.

The contrast is a very lightweight twill I found on It was much lighter weight than I expected a twill to be, but the color was so lovely I kept it. I plan to use it for something to match this top. The pleated skirt would be the obvious choice, but I don't think skirts really match the toddler lifestyle very well. We're more about tunics and skinny pants for optimum mobility. So I'll have to think about it.

I found some nice yellow buttons at my local yarn shop. I wasn't convinced that a blouse with an open front really needs buttons down the back. Generally, I'm opposed to back buttons because little ones sleep on their backs and because they're a pain with squirmy toddlers. They do look very cute, though. I kept them for my first try because I sometimes have a hard time getting O+S over my baby's huge head. After we've worn it, I'll know whether the buttons are strictly necessary.

I love the quality of the dragonfly poplin. It's crisp but soft and has the tiniest feel of stretch so I think it will be comfortable. It I bought it on sale for $6 per yard, which I think is highly resaonable for the quality. I also plan to try that crayon box colored cross stitch lawn from this collection. It was really fun in the store and would be wonderful for breezy summer blouses.

More spring projects on the way! I would love to share action shots, but we're at that age when they simply don't stay still for a moment!

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