Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter (or, the impossibility of getting sugered up kids to sit still for photos)

This spring I had a few patterns on the sewing list that baby will soon grow out of. I couldn't let these pass without sewing them and made the Oliver and S Bubble dress a high priority. It seems to me a gentle twist on traditonal, so perfect for Easter! I don't have a lot to say about the pattern except the usual: it's lovely and very well written.

I used silk dupioni for the dress and lined it with cotton. This was my first time working with dupioni. Other than the insane fraying, it is very easy to work with. In the event that she needed to wear a little sweater, I wanted the bow to be visible, so I opted for a big front bow instead of a sash.

I used shell buttons in a dark gray color.

It's a lovely dress, perfect for a baby on a special occasion like Easter or a spring wedding. It might work nicely for Christmas as well, I guess. I'm a little sad I won't be making it again, but she is just exactly the right age for it now. And that's it, really, but please enjoy a few gratuitous family pictures.

You might recognize my continental dress making another appearance. It just happened to coordinate with her dress and I had a navy blue cotton cardigan that matched, so it was perfect. It looked nice enough and was comfortable. Actually, I had a few compliments on it.

I didn't make any of the boys' stuff, but you get to see their handsome faces anyway. :)

And one more of my angel with her egg hunt finds. Hope you all had a lovely Easter!


  1. Love the dress. The silk is so pretty and makes the dress so luxurious.

  2. The bubble dress is gorgeous in the light blue silk! You have a beautiful family.:)

  3. Everything about this dress is perfect - I really love the clothes you make for your wee girl!

  4. Thank you, everyone! The silk really was nice to work with. It has a simple, classic look so you can't go wrong. I only had to buy one yard of it, so it wasn't really an expensive project either.