Sunday, April 15, 2012

up, up and away!

In the early decades of the new millennium, even the great City of Brotherly Love was not spared the ravages of worldwide recession. In such times of fear and confusion, our city awaits a hero. And now he’s here to bring light into the darkness.

Faster than a speeding tricycle, more powerful than the biggest bullies and able to leap from the fourth step in a single bound, it’s Super Charlie! He’s fast, kind, funny and--- he has a great cape.

Only our hero stands between us and the bad guys.  He watches over our city ready to spring in to action whenever he’s needed. He’s here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

When your very favorite matchbox goes missing, he’ll help you find it. If your ice cream falls to the ground, he’ll tell you a joke to make you smile. When your big brother is mean to you, he’ll stick up for you. It’s Super Charlie to the rescue!

This city is safe again, thanks to you, Super Charlie! And if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, we know where to find you.

(Yes, I absolutely was emulating Caspar David Friedrich’s iconic depiction of man facing his insignificance in the landscape. Thanks for noticing.)
The cape is based on the pattern I used for Halloween, but I have added quite a lot of volume and length to it. I found that pattern a bit skimpy and I wanted a cape that would blow in the wind with a satisfying drape and lots of drama.  Contrary to popular belief, boys L.O.V.E. drama.  They just don’t always care to admit it.

My son was thrilled when I picked him up from preschool a few weeks ago toting this. He couldn’t wait to try it out. I thought it would be best to get pictures right away while the energy was still high and we had lots of fun with these on our walk home.

I passed over the costume satin in favor of the special occasion stuff. It was pricier, but I think worthwhile to achieve the kind of drama necessary for a true super hero. The red is a vibrant and blows wonderfully in the wind. The lining is sparkling gold satin and the appliqué is wool blend felt. The cape fastens at the neck with a snap and I’ve reinforced the neck pieces for durability and for a better fit.
The best part?  This cape can be yours! It’s up for auction on April 19th at the second annual Moonstone Auction.  For the winner, I will make a custom cape with your child’s initial and choice of lightning bolt or shield. 
Every boy has a super hero inside him.

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