Tuesday, May 1, 2012

kcwc Spring 2012

So the Elsie Marly kids clothes week challenge wrapped up yesterday. I had hoped to finish Kitty’s spring wardrobe. We had a hot spell the week before that put me in the mood for summer sewing projects. I had prepared two tops and a pair of shorts with the intent to make second pair of shorts too. Monday morning, I got hit with something unexpected and ensuing week was so busy and stressful that all my sewing plans went pear shaped. A day behind, I managed to finish up the two tops this morning. Since it’s been so cold here for the past week, I’m not too worried about the shorts.

This square necked dress has lots of sleeve and length options.  Spring is so short here I wanted something that would last through the summer, so I opted for short sleeves. And I chose puffy over flutter even though flutter sleeves are everywhere right now. I am a sucker for tiny puffy sleeves on chubby baby arms.

Pictures were taken in a hurry after school this afternoon once I realized tomorrow’s forecast called for rain. After we picked up my oldest, the kids all went across the street to the Rose Garden to play. Working quickly and with lots of animal cookies as bribes, I tried to get a few decent shots before we had to pick up my other son at his school.

The back yoke fastens with two little buttons. I found these red fabric covered ones in my button box left from another project.  They are the perfect pop against the floral.

The fabric is the same delicate cotton lawn from Lecien with which I bound the seams on her Sunday Brunch jacket. I wanted this for myself, actually, but there wasn’t enough for both of us and baby won.

I used solid ivory voile for the facings to avoid that show through effect you can get with sheer fabrics. Lately, I have been passing up fusible interfacing in favor of fabric. Here I used a second layer of the plain voile. I altered the construction of the yoke slightly to encase the raw edges with the yoke facing. The side seams are frenched and the armscyes are bound with bias. This fabric is delicate and frayed very easily, requiring secure finishes.

Next in my queue is the custom superhero cape for the auction winner and then I will be starting on spring tops for myself. Soon I will be heading up to New York all by myself for the Heather Ross Weekend Sewing workshop! I’ve been thinking about what to take and I leaning toward my new Japanese sewing book. I haven’t tried Japanese patterns before and I’m concerned about the sizing and lack of English. It might be nice to have some help. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the trip!

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  1. Very cute kids and a cute top. (I'm looking through the Elsie Marley photo pool which is how I got here.)