Saturday, February 2, 2013

the 100 calorie ice cream dress

There are some big and exciting projects in the works here and while I look forward to telling you all about them, in the meantime I have very little else to share. However, I sometimes find that a big project needs to be broken up a little. Yesterday, the Friday spirit hit all of us, even though we were forced inside by the bitter cold. The boys worked on a giant train/Lego city while K and I got to work on some dollie clothes.

It took an hour or two of drafting, a little trial and error to fit, but it wasn't long before I had a tiny prototype.

I worked from an exsiting doll pattern for the neckline and scale and looked at the original pattern pieces of the Ice Cream Dress while I drew. The little baby dolls need certain fit adjustments to cover the cloth parts, so the little notch won't really work for them.

You probably already know how difficult it can be to pull the Ice Cream Dress over a toddler's big head. I always enlarge the opening for K. My dollie version opens completely in the back for ease of dressing. I closed it with a snap, but this would also be a great way to use up tiny spare buttons.

This prototype needs more room in the armscye for the chubby arms and the neckline needs to be a bit higher to cover the cloth body. I think room for a deeper hem would be nice too. I've already made those changes and I foresee some further pattern testing tomorrow!

Little Fiona seems happy enough with this one, though, doesn't she?

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