Monday, February 18, 2013


Lately, I've found that big projects benefit from a break here and there. So, I trace off patterns that are next in my queue, cut some things out or even stitch them up if it doesn't mean too many thread changes. Last weekend, I banged out pj bottoms for P from the Sleepover pattern.

I haven't sewn pjs for the kids before, though so many people like this project. My boys go through pajamas faster than just about any other kinds of clothes. It hasn't seemed like a good use of my precious sewing time to make something that will get quickly destroyed. However, it's become difficult to keep my oldest in pajamas because the crazy laws in the US regarding children's sleepwear.

So I took the plunge. After all, few things are easier than a simple pair of elastic waisted pants. If he likes them and they don't wear out immediately, it would be a good use of my time. I had some cheap shirting in my stash from some Joann sale that I would probably never use for anything else. I drafted P a 10slim by cutting 10 at the waist and length, but 8 at the hips. He's 53" tall right now after a recent growth spurt, but it turned out the 10 was still way too long. I cut off the cuffs and turned up a quick and dirty hem. If they last long enough to need extra length, I'll add cuffs later.

He has worn them to bed once or twice and you can see they also work perfectly for playing angry birds on the iPad. He also chose some shirting when we were at Joann for another pair.  I want a shirt too, Mom! Sheesh, my bad.


  1. What a beautiful boy.
    At 5'3'' he is as tall as me!

  2. Did I write that? I meant 53", 4 foot 5"! He's only 7, but off the charts for height. Anyway, thanks, there is something about an oldest son that is special, but I guess you know that. :)