Monday, March 11, 2013

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates*

Saturday morning, I had a photo shoot for that big project I've been working on and only hinting at here. I was anxious to spend the rest of the weekend working on the Easter dress K has been asking for. But on Saturday afternoon, my new patterns arrived ahead of schedule and so I had to quickly whip up this little confection.
The new Oliver + S Roller Skate dress is my new favorite. It was the perfect antidote to the long, complex project I'm finishing. Even with matching stripes and French seams, this project only took a few hours. Yet, it's  absolutely charming. This is instant gratification at its best.
When I handed this to her last night, K squealed, grabbed the dress and hugged it close. When she got up this morning, she put it on right away. So here it is, a little rumpled, in action.
This soft, stripy shirting is by Moda. I scored it from on clearance some other spring. I thought stripes would be nice for something, but every time I pulled it out, I found it just a little too saccharine. Just a little too much like a candy cane. When I saw the roller skate design, something clicked in my head and I turned the stripes sideways. Suddenly, it seemed very of-the-moment. I lined it with some soft bleached muslin because that's what I had and added twill tape bow. I didn't get a shot of the adorable chevrons formed at the shoulders.
In size 3, this takes only about 3/4yd of 44" fabric. The tunic version might only need a half yard. I have a stack of 1yd cuts bought when she was a baby that aren't usable for much anymore, so I've given myself a stash busting challenging for this spring. This dress will be key! I simply can't imagine a fabric this wouldn't look good it. It's a perfect canvas for bold prints you want to show off, or for embroidery or applique or any other embellishment you could dream up. Yet, the neckline and cap sleeves are charming enough details on their own with more restrained fabrics. The Flickr pool is quickly filling up with fabulous renditions. This is the new star in the Oliver + S line up.

*the name of the dress reminds me of this song by the 1970s folk singer my mother liked.


  1. what great fabric for this dress - i love your version!

  2. I also can't think about this pattern without thinking "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates..." It is one of my go to karaoke songs! My mom was a big Melanie fan too! Are you named after her? I have a sister named Melanie. :)