Friday, May 17, 2013


Kitty has fully embraced being two.

Which means that when I try to snap a picture, this is usually what I get, accompanied by shreiking and those earthy toddler belly giggles.

I managed to trick her into one or two poses where you can see the dress. Here is another roller skate dress in a cotton voile I found at Joann. Yes, Joann! It's lined in a plain, gauzy cotton voile - perfect for summer.

This dress is so easy - easy to sew, easy to wear and easy to get good results. I really really think it will probably look sweet and charming in any fabric you could find from silk to burlap. If Washi is fast becomming my uniform, this one may well become hers.

Even though she ran away every time I tried to catch her sweet face, she is thrilled with this dress. She has been asking me for her butterfly dress for days, waiting patiently to wear it to her playgroup. She seems to think she'll have a new dress every single week, exactly how she wants it. And she loves them all so much, it's pretty hard to say no!

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  1. So beautiful (dress and girl). I love the butterfly fabric.