Friday, May 10, 2013

urban babies wear black

Earlier this week, I was staring at a few scraps black rayon challis left from a black maxi dress I made for myself. You know the conversation: can I really use these for anything or should I toss them? Often I use my scraps for K, but black? Then I remembered that actually I quite like her in black.  

Then I thought it would be awfully ridiculous if she had a black maxi dress too.

And I remembered this silly gag book. And I thought about how even more hilarious it would be if I photographed her in the dress doing the stuff in the book.

So here is my urban baby wearing black and drinking a latte.

I don't have to tell you it's not really coffee, right? It's apple juice. Organic, obviously, because we're urban.

And here's my urban baby on the way to the playground.

(OK, the playground isn't actually in the book, but urban babies do in fact go to the playground every day.)

And here she is taking a taxi at the end of a busy day.

(OK, we actually walked home, because that's what urban babies do, but I knew at this partcular time of day, ie prayer time for the mosque around the corner, there would be cabs parked outside our house and I couldn't resist staging it.)

So is this the most ridiculously impractical little thing you've ever seen or what? But otherwise the fabric would have gone in the trash and the popover pattern is so very easy, I thought it was all worth a little fun. And in her hair is a matching hair bow, because everything we do now has to have a matching hair bow.


  1. I think this is hilarious but my 6 yr old love the maxi dress I made for her and well who doesn't look chic in black. I say we'll done:-)

  2. L. O. V. E. !!! This was an awesome post and she's adorable!